APFNet Kunming Training Center (APFNet - KTC) was established at 12th November 2012 by APFNet and Southwest Forestry University (SWFU) to provide high quality international workshops and other training activities relating to forest management and rehabilitation. The workshops are under the strong supports from State Forestry Adminstration of China, Provincial Forestry Department, Mekong Institute and others. There are two thematic training streams of these workshops - “ Forest Resource Management” and “Forestry and Rural Development” highlighted. Totally, 22 international workshops were organized by APFNet-KTC at Southwest Forestry University from 2009 to July 2019. About 340 officials, planers, managers and technicians from 21 APFNet member economies have participated, including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Papua New Ginuea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam.


  • To create a platform for Asia-Pacific economies in enhancing forest rehabilitation and sustainable forest management roles of APFNet-KTC
  • To organize workshops and other forms of international exchange activities to promote sustainable forest management
  • To serve as an outreach for APFNet to communicate and collaborate with other economies
  • To promote the role of forests in combating climate change

The Training Center is an important platform for APFNet to carry out its missions to facilitate co-operations and experience exchange among economies of the Asia-Pacific regarding forestry development alleviation of deforestation, climate change impacts and unsustainable use of forest resources in the region. Its office facilities and meeting rooms are located in the University, where accommodation and dining facilities are also available in the International Exchange Center. A field visit base has also been established in Pu’er City to meet the demand of APFNet - KTC’s field activities.

Futhermore, APFNet, as an international organization dedicated to advancing sustainable forest management and rehabilitation in the Asia-Pacific region. It has been playing an important role of supporting member economies in their efforts to sustainably manage their forest resource. In accordance with its mandate, APFNet has been paying particular attention to capacity building, especially to improve the human resources in the region via thematic training workshops.

In accordance with the Five Year Strategic Plan of APFNet Training Programme from 2016 to 2020, APFNet-KTC will organize at least one workshop in APFNet member economies every year beside China. It will provide a good opportunity to further strengthen a collaborative network in the region and learn more on-the-ground experience of sustainable forest management from other member economies.

To better meet the urgent needs and address hot issues in the Asia-Pacific region, and enhance networking of professionals to share valuable knowledge and experience, APFNet through its Kunming Training Center to take the fully responsibility of organizing the training workshops since 2015 and focus on two fixed training themes indicates as followed:

(1) “Forest Rehabilitation and Management” (July)

(2) “Forestry and Rural Livelihood Development” (November)

Tailored for participants who are government officials in forest sector, the workshops have been elaborately designed and structured in a number of interlinked segments in terms of keynote lectures, participant presentations, group work and discussion, and field trip. While the discussion session will be given a greater attention to break down of difference between resource persons and participants and adopt the training workshops in a different approach.

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