Promoting forest rehabilitation and sustainable management in the Asia-Pacific Region through strengthening human capacity

Updated:2018/7/19 15:33:16

On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of APFNet and in line with its Five-Year Strategic Plan of APFNet Training Programme, the Workshop on Forest Rehabilitation and Management is being organized in Kunming City of China on 02 to 15 July. This Workshop aims at analyzing the current status of rehabilitation of degraded forests, the main drivers of degradation and future scenarios for forest rehabilitation in the Asia-Pacific region; identifying the current challenges and/ or key issues of degraded forest rehabilitation in terms of policy, institutional, ecological, technical and socio-economic aspects in the Asia-Pacific economies; sharing experience and lessons learnt from forest rehabilitation and management from the Asia-Pacific economies; and enhancing knowledge and skills in the formulation and implementation of forest rehabilitation programmes and projects.

On 3rd July, the opening ceremony of the Workshop was commenced in Center for International Exchange and Cooperation at Southwest Forestry University (SWFU). A total of 15 participants from fourteen economies in the Asia-Pacific Region attend this event, these economies including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Papua New Ginuea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam. Besides, Prof. Guo Junhui (Chancellor of SWFU), Mr. Xu Zhijiang (Director of International Cooperation Office, the Forestry Department of Yunnan Province), Prof. Shen Lixin (Director of APFNet-KTC), Prof. Yang Song (Director of International Cooperation Office of SWFU), Dr. Erskine Peter Damian (Workshop facilitator and core resource persons), Prof. Wil de Jong (resource person) and Dr. Kallaya (resource person) attended the Workshop and provide strong supports to APFNet Training Programme.

During the opening ceremony, Prof. Shen as a chairman to give an introduction all participants and highlight the development history of APFNet Training Programme. Prof. Guo Junhui on behalf of workshop organizer (SWFU) delivered his warmly welcome to all workshop participants and big thanks to the supports given by the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Forestry Department of Yunnan Province. Then he illustrated that a rich in forest resources in the Asia-Pacific Region but an alarming trend of forest degradation and deforestation have occurred over last decades. It is essential to introduce advanced technology to help facilitate the process of nature growth in the degraded lands. The current workshop as the twentieth training course has a great significance to foster forest restoration works in the Region. He also wished the workshop a great success.

Followed by Mr. Xu Zhijiang, on behalf of the Forestry Department of Yunnan Province, he firstly extended a hearty welcome to the workshop organizer, resource persons and the representatives from the regional economies. Then he gave some background information about forestry profile of Yunnan Province and pointed out a closer collaboration with the GMS economies by means of pilot projects in recent years. He also is looking forward to more cooperation opportunities with the participating economies, and do hope the workshop participants have an enjoyable stay in Yunnan Province and the participants observe some best practices of China’s restoration efforts in Pu’er City.

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