APFNet Workshop on Degraded Forest Rehabilitation and Management (12 - 25 July, 2019 Yunnan, China)

Updated:2019/8/1 11:05:12

Under the strong supports of APFNet, Forestry and Grassland Administration of Yunnan Province(FGAYP), Southwest Forestry University(SWFU)and international experts, APFNet Workshop on “Degraded Forest Rehabilitation and Management” was organized by APFNet-Kunming Training Center (APFNet-KTC) during a period of 12 to 25 July, 2019. A total of 15 forestry officials from fifteen member economies in the Asia-Pacific Region were invited to attend this event, these economies including Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

The workshop opening ceremony, chaired by Prof. Shen Lixin as Executive Director of APFNet-KTC, was held at the Center for International Exchange and Cooperation on the morning of 13th July . Mr. Xu Zhijiang (Director of International Cooperation Office, Forestry and Grassland Administration of Yunnan Province, China), Dr. Yang Song (Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Division, Southwest Forestry University of China), and Dr. C.T.S. Nair (Workshop facilitator and core resource person) and participating participants attended the opening ceremony and representatives delivered speeches.

The APFNet Workshop is comprised by indoor learning session and field trip. In addition to indoor learning session, it has three components in terms of keynote lectures, presentations by participants, and group work and discussion. During the indoor learning session of from July 13th to 20th, five international renowned experts from India, Britain, Thailand and China were invited to give 12 keynote lectures on specific topics related degraded forest rehabilitation and management. The lectures provide a holistic picture with covering key issues of land rehabilitation in the Region, and these include reviewing the successful cases and challenges of degraded forest rehabilitation and management in Asia-Pacific, systematically analyzing main causes of forest degradation, and jointly discussing on forest restoration policies, concepts and technical systems to strengthen sustainable forest management. Besides, presentations by participants were made to provide an overview or case study of forest rehabilitation based on their specific-economy contexts. Group work and discussion provided a good learning opportunity of how to develop a project proposal on selected topics of forest degradation and it also help enhance participants’ capacity and skills.  

During the workshop, Prof. Guo Huijun (Chancellor of Southwest Forestry University) met with Dr. C.T.S. Nair (APFNet board member), Dr. Preecha (Chairman of APFNet council) and Prof. Jiang Chunqian (Professor of Chinese Academy of Forestry). On behalf of SWFU, he expressed the gratitude to them for their support and cooperation with APFNet-KTC for a long time. He also expressed the hope that they can provide more support and help to APFNet-KTC and SWFU in the future. At the end of indoor learning session of the Workshop on July 20th, Dr. C.T.S. Nair, Dr. Preecha Ongprasert and Prof. Shen Lixin gave closing remarks and issued the certificates to the participants.

In complementary with indoor learning session, the field trip was joint with the “Symposium on Forest Cooperation in Asia-Pacific Region” in Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia, co-organized by National Forestry and Grassland Administration, APFNet, FAO and ITTO. The participants’ knowledge have been enhanced by more presentations on the current status, trends and opportunities of regional cooperation in supporting promote forest rehabilitation and sustainable forest management, shared best practices in regional forestry cooperation. Then they visited to Wang Ye Dian Trail Forest Farm and demonstration sites of forestry development in terms of economic forest and restoration techniques based on China’s experience.

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