APFNet Pu'er Base

Updated:2022/6/1 10:32:06

Sustainable Forest Management Demonstration Training Base of Asia Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet Pu'er Base) is situated in Pu'er City,a well-known city with the reputation of “Pearl of Green Sea” and “Natural Oxygen Bar” in Yunnan Province, it was set up by APFNet in collaborated with Forest and Grassland Administration of Yunnan Province, Southwest Forestry University and Wanzhangshan Forest Farm as an integrated international forestry platform with multi-function of demonstration, trainings, exchanging and cooperation as one, and aims to promote the ability of capacity building for degraded forests rehabilitation, comprehensive governance and sustainable management of forest eco-system, automatic monitoring and early warning of forest fire control, forest experience and nature education, forest exploring and eco-tourism, forest healing and recreation, biodiversity conservation and forest eco-cultural promotion among the economies in Asia and Pacific Region.

APFNet Pu'er Base provides perfected facilities, accommodation and catering services for conferences and training workshops besides the function of holiday resort for individual visitors, a hundred people's conference hall and two meeting rooms (40 and 20 seats respectively) with advanced facilities available to various events. Additionally, there are 108 deluxe guest rooms with 149 comfortable beds, as well as 100 person's dining hall and parking area of 3000 square meters also available in the base at all the time. 

Forests and Nature Experience Center is established base on 70 mu of elder tea garden in Hantanqing forest area managed by Wanzhangshan State Forest Farm with the location situated in upland eco-function forest zone around Simao City, its consists three functional parts of service reception area (accommodations, catering and indoor experience facilities), organic agricultural products cultivation and experience area, as well as forest and nature experience area.
The core area for various forest and nature experience activities is around 1500 mu (100 hectares), and the extended experience area could reach 30000 mu (2000 hectares). The main conducted project covers those activities related to forests and nature, such as contact experience, leisure experience, alive experience, perception and cognition experience, production experience, cultural creation experience, outdoor camping and sports experience, and forest hiking, mountaineering adventure experience etc.

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