Resource Person > Ms. Li Minguo

Membership in professional bodies and institutions:

  •  Founder and Director of the “Tianzi Biodiversity Research and Development Centre”, Jinghong, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province.
  •  Founder of the “Yunnan Eco-Network” (an association of national and international project-managers with environmental goals and concerns in Yunnan, China)
  •  Founder of the “Mekong Mothers Association” (an association to actively promote and advocate questions environmental issues and concerns of Women’s Rights  in the Mekong River Region)
  •  Member of the “Bulang Minority Studies Institute” in Jinghong, Yunnan
  •  Co-Founder and member of the “Tianzi Medicine Biodiversity Foundation”, (Munich Germany)
  •  Deputy Director of the “Chinese Institute of Environment & Research Protection for Minority Areas”, Yunnan.

Main skills and fields of expertise:

  • Biodiversity Products development, focusing on ecologically sound and socially friendly management policies
  • Scientific and practical development of forest-farming systems for secondary forest crops in tropical and subtropical areas
  • Farming and gardening of traditional tropical medicinal plants in Yunnan, China, in-depth knowledge and focus on natural healing and traditional medicine such as TCM and spontaneous healing through working with local experts
  • Committed to rainforestation, focus on the protection and restoration of biological diversity and cultural diversity.

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