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Prof. Shen Lixin , as executive director currently working for APFNet-Kunming Training Center (APFNet-KTC) as well as faculty of Southwest Forestry University based in Kunming, Southwestern China. He used to be executive vice director of Yunnan Academy of Biodiversity (YAB)  from 2011 to 2014 and worked for National Plateau Wetland Research Center(NPERC) at Southwest Forestry University (SWFU) as research professor during 2010 to 2011.

Prior to joining SWFU in 2010, Prof. Shen Lixin was Assistant President of Yunnan Academy of Forestry (YAF) and director of forests research institute of YAF. He has conducted numerous researches for more than twenty years on forest resources management, wetlands and protected area management, biodiversity conservation, degraded forest restoration, impact assessment, poverty alleviation and rural livelihood development. In addition, he has worked on international projects for biodiversity conservation through protected area management in Southwest China and Southeast Asia as well as on cross-cultural, cross-border projects involving trans-boundary resources use and conservation.  

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