Resource Person > Ms. Chen Jie

Ms. Chen Jie, Associate Professor working with Chinese Academy of Forestry, has been working on world forest policy research with good language capacity. Since 2009, she has put her interests on the research on forest certification and legality verification. She has participated in the translations and adaptation of standards of several legality verification systems including SmartWood VLO and VLC for the use in China and make an in-depth study of national and technical approach to implement legality verification. In 2011, she was involved in the work on China Timber Legality Verification System and gained insight on the systems available for legality and even sustainability. Since 2013, she has participated in the work on China Forest Certification System with some involvement with the CFCC framework and standard drafting and training to forest management enterprises. Since 2014, she has worked closely with some certification bodies on due diligence certification and invited to observe or participate as local expert in verification practices with various certification bodies, which is a solid base for her to be in the team for developing China Due Diligence System. With broad engagement in certification and verification, she is much experienced in the field and has a good knowledge of timber tracking.

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