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Mr. Xu Zhijiang currently serves as Director of International Cooperation Office in Forestry Department of Yunnan Province, China for 9 years. Since graduated from Yunnan University, he took an opportunity to engage in advanced studies in Fullerton of California State University on Administrative Management. Prior to joining in Yunnan Provincial Government, he worked at Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences for 6 years, and then involved in Science & Technology Department of Yunnan Provinces on International Cooperation around 10 years.He has joined in Forestry Department of Yunnan Province since 2005 and has more than 20 years of experience in international cooperation especially in East Asian countries. He published some paper, those including:

• Deepening Reform for Promoting Yunnan Forestry Opening up to the Outside World;

• Introduction to explorationof Close-to-Nature Forest ManagementDemonstration to MoudingCounty of Yunnan;

• Discussion on Village-level Close-to-Nature Forest Management Project Compilation Method.

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