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Dr. Asumadu has over 30 years professional experience in the wood products industry internationally.  He was born in Ghana, West Africa, and educated at the University of Ghana and the University of Western Australia.  After completing his PhD, DrAsumadu taught at the University of Zimbabwe for two years before migrating to Australia.  In Australia, he worked for 15 years as a senior policy officer in forestry policy, including as head of Australia’s delegation to the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), before being seconded to head the then Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation (FWPRDC), which is now Forest and Wood Products Australia.  (FWPA).  The FWPA is a partnership between Australia’s national government and the forest and wood products sector, which jointly contribute funds through an industry levy system, to fund research and development activities to support the international competitiveness of the Australian forest and wood products sector.

Since leaving the FWPRDC in 2001, Dr.Asumadu has worked as an international consultant and a business person in the forest and wood products sector, including as an ex-post project evaluator for the ITTO in several countries in Asia and South America.  He has worked with many companies in Australia and internationally to help them set up Chain of Custody Systems for the importation of, and trading in, certified wood products under both the FSC and PEFC certification systems.  He is currently the Director of WoodPanels Australia Pty Ltd, and WoodPanels International Pty Ltd.  Both companies import wood products into Australia.

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