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Dr. Yusong Wu, associate professor of Center for Rural Development Studies, Yunnan University.  

With more than 25 years of rich experiences in working with international NGOs, aid agencies and research institutes, Dr. Wu mainly focuses on political ecology field, especially on the areas of poverty alleviation, biodiversity conservation, good water governance in Lancang Mekong watershed, climate change and locals adaptation, China’s overseas investment in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Dr. Wu has translated, co-authored and edited many training materials and books related to integrated conservation and rural development, forest resource conflict management, and published many articles in international and domestic academic journals.

Dr. Wu has long experiences of working as a consultant to international and domestic development and conservation agencies such as World Bank, ADB, UNDP, UNEP, WWF, IUCN, SFA and MEP etc.

Over the years of working with multi-stakeholders, Dr. Wu and her team has developed good partnerships and network with government agencies at different levels, research institutes, private sectors, NGOs and local communities.

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