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Dr. Stephen currently serves as a senior scientist, working in Forest Restoration Research Unit, Biology Department Science Faculty, Chiang Mai University of Thailand. Since he did his a PHD in forest ecology at Edinburgh University, he has joined in Biology Department, Chiang Mai University (CMU), Thailand as a lecturer in plant ecology and wildlife from 1986 up to now. He also is a co-founder and research coordinator of CMU’s Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU) since 1994.

Dr. Stephen has shouldered a responsibility to supervise a wide range of research projects by FORRU staff and CMU students on forest tree phenology, seed germination, planting stock propagation, tree planting techniques, post-planting silvicultural treatments and monitoring biodiversity recovery and carbon sequestration. This has resulted an effective “framework species” approach to restore forest ecosystems, combining ANR with tree-planting. Results have been published both in scientific papers practical manuals and form the basis of training programs for NGO’s, forestry officials, local communities etc.. This has enabled replication of their approach in neighboring economies (e.g. China, Lao PDR, Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia etc.). Recently, he has started to work on developing automated forest restoration techniques, using drones. There are some of his publications shown as below:

  • Elliott, S, D. Blakesley and S. Chairuangsri, 2008. Research for Restoring Tropical Forest Ecosystems: A Practical Guide. Chiang Mai University, Forest Restoration Research Unit, Thailand. 144 pp.
  • Elliott, S., D. Blakesley and K. Hardwick, 2013. Restoring Tropical Forests: A Practical Guide. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; 344 pp.
  • Elliott, S. D., 2016. The potential for automating assisted natural regeneration of tropical forest ecosystems. Biotropica 48(2):825-833.

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