Workshop on the Role of Forest Resource Management in the Great Mekong Sub-region (July 11-21, 2012)

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The GMS is a diverse area that is primarily covered by wet evergreen forests in the Cardamom and Elephant Mountains of Cambodia and the Annamite Range in Viet Nam as well as semi-evergreen and dry evergreen forests in northern and central Thailand, Lao PDR, and Cambodia (MRC 2003). The region also boasts of vast shared watershed areas. Together with forests, these areas drive socio-economic development, are crucial to environmental sustainability and provide essential environmental services. Therefore, successful watershed management largely depends on the extent to which it is integrated with the sustainable management and use of forest resources in these areas.


Building on the International Symposium on Sustainable Forest Management in the Greater Mekong Sub-region in 2010, APFNet, the Mekong Institute (MI) and academic partners are convening a workshop entitled the Role of Forest Resource Management in GMS. The session aims to pool insights on the current situation and on the challenges facing GMS economies in terms of the sustainable management and use of forest resources to improve watershed management. It also seeks to foster regular information exchange and updates as a means to build capacity, facilitate research and foster the development and implementation of projects.


The Mekong river basin is home to more than 70 million people (2008) whose livelihoods depend on natural resources and, increasingly, on the region’s forest resources. Experiences in the GMS economies in terms of sustainably managing forest resources have demonstrated the benefits and the potential of aligning the wise use of workshop will provide a venue for participants to share successful case studies and further promote regional cooperation to enhance the role of forests in watershed management.



- Share good practices and lessons learned with regard to improving watershed management through better forest management

- Identify the challenges associated with integrating watershed management with forest management

- Explore the opportunities to develop and implement regional demonstration projects in this regard


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