APFNet’s Workshop on Sustainable Forest Resource Management (October 17-28, 2011)

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Forests provide goods and services to contribute to social and economic development, sustaining livelihoods, addressing climate change, and maintaining biodiversity. While the provision of the goods and services depends critically on how forests are managed.

Forest resources are the basis of forest-related activities. The development and enforcement of forest laws and governance is the key to guarantee that forest resources are managed in a sustainable way. Most of the developing economies in the Asia-Pacific region have realized the weakness of forest laws enforcement and governance and are making great efforts to strengthen their forest laws and governance.

To facilitate the regional efforts of the economies in this regard, APFNet (Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation) has organized training workshops annually on forest resource management, aiming to bring policy makers and forest managers together to share experience and lessons.



The workshop, the 4th of the APFNet on Forest Resource Management thematic training program since 2008, based on previous experiences, is designed to identify obstacles to enhance progress in rationalizing the policy and legal frameworks and building institutional capacity, and to contribute to improve forest law enforcement by taking stock of the success and lessons learned from past and current initiatives, recommending steps to move forward by exchanging experiences, views and perspectives among economies in the region. Moreover, the outcomes of the workshop will be shared in the region.

Participants are expected to get a clear picture of how regional forests are managed through insights and in-depth analysis and practical tools to enhance their capacity of development, implementation and improvement of forest policies and laws. The workshop will also be a proper platform for resource people and participants to share different views and ideas to get inspired for their future work.


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