APFNet’s Workshop on Community Forest in the Context of Climate Change (July 6-17, 2011)

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Forests have long been recognized as a valuable natural resource which supports livelihoods, especially in rural areas. Over past decades, community forestry has emerged as one of the most promising approaches for combining conservation with rural development and poverty reduction. In this regard, some countries in the region have accumulated a wealth of experiences and expertise that would be beneficial to share with others in a systematic way.

More recently, the role of forests in mitigating climate change and the need for urgent action to enable them to adapt to its effects are better understood. By the same token, concern is growing that strategies to achieve socio‐economic development fully address issues related to the health of the environment. As a concept that has been in place for more than thirty years, community forestry can be instrumental in meeting these and other goals.



The Workshop on Community Forestry Development in the Context of Climate Change is the 3rd in the series of APFNet’s capacity building program under the theme “Forestry and Rural Development”. It is designed to:

- Share best practices and highlight successful models and approaches

- Identify key challenges and opportunities in the region related to the development of community forestry in the context of climate change.

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