Advanced Workshop on Sustainable Forestry Management in GMS (September 6-17, 2013)

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Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) is endowed with abundant forest resources, which have played a central role in the development of the region and continue to play an important role in the production of wood and other products, the conservation of global biodiversity, climate change abatement and protection of land and water resources. However, the sub-region is challenged with threats in ecological environment, e.g. deforestation is still on the rise, forest management is uneven and forest resources cannot be effectively utilized. To tackle these challenges, forestry legislation, policies and regulations have to be updated to accommodate the evolving situation. FLEGT and other kinds of program have been introduced in the sub-region and mechanisms like REDD+ have also become popular.

In 2012, a workshop on the Roles of Forest Resources Management in the GMS was co-organized by APFNet and Mekong Institute (MI). Participants from the six member economies of GMS exchanged best practices and lessons on how to improve watershed management through better forestry. This workshop aims to provide a platform for forestry policy makers and officials in GMS to strengthen their understanding of the evolvement of the forestry related hot issues and share practices and opinions according to their domestic situation.



- Strengthen GMS forestry officials’ knowledge of both the theory and practices of sustainable forest


- Exchange different positions and viewpoints on regional and international hot issues like REDD+, Forest

  Law Enforcement and Governance(FLEG), biodiversity conservation, etc.; 

- Share best practices of forest resource management among GMS economies, including advanced concepts

  of forestry development, forest tenure reform, and conservation approaches.

List of Experts invited

> Dr. Chen Xiaoqian

> Dr. Choolazhi Thekkethodi Sivasankaran Nair

> Ms. Dai Guangcui

Dr. Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt

> Ms. Jacqueline Parisi (Mekong Institute)

> Prof. Jiang Chunqian

> Mr. Jin Cheng 

> Mr. Martin Greijmans

> Ms. Rosalie McConnell (Facilitator)

> Mr. Vincentius Maria Van Den Berk

> Mr. Zhang Songdan

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