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Personal Information

Nationality: China

Professor of Southwest Forestry University

Executive director of Kunming Training Center (APFNet-KTC)

Executive director of Research Center for GMS Forestry Development (RCFFD-GMS), Southwest Forestry Univeristy (SWFU)

Add: #300 Bailonhshi, Panlong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

Tel: (+86) 871 63862976    Fax: (+86) 871 63862817


Languages ability: Chinese, English

Education Qualifications

2009-2010: Senior exchanging scholar in Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing.

May- Aug. 2002:  Senior visiting scholar on resources management in Dutch Royal Forest, Netherlands.

Jan.-Mar. 1999: Training courses for the senior officials on trans-boundary resources management and sustainable environment development (A6), Mekong Institute, and Thailand.

1995-1997: Master in Development Management, Asian Institute of Management, Philippines.

1984-1988: Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Southwest Forestry College, China

Professional Qualifications

Jan. 2015 - up to date: executive director of RCFFD-GMS

Jan.2012- up to date: executive director of APFNet –KTC.

Jun. 2010- May 2014: full professor and vice president currently working for Yunnan Academy of Biodiversity (YAB),

2009-2010: Director, sustainable development institute for resources and environment, National Plateau Wetlands Research Center (NPWRC), faculty of Southwest Forestry University

2000-up to date: Chief consultant, Kunming Development Institute for Tradition and Environment (NGO)

2000-up to date: Professor of Southwest University Forestry.

2000-2010:  Professor/director, Forestry Research Institute of YAF

1995-2004:  Assistant president, Yunnan Academy of Forestry (YAF)

1988-1995: research fellow and forestry engineer, Yunnan Academy of Forestry (YAF)

Key Qualifications

Over twenty three years experience conducting and managing biological and ecological research, biodiversity survey and impact assessment, wildlife resources management of wetland and protected area, poverty alleviation and rural livelihood development, degraded forest restoration and bamboo and rattan resource management projects funded by State Government, Provincial Government and International Organizations.

As consultant involved in international aid projects for biodiversity conservation, poverty reduction and livelihood development in the countries in Southeast Asian as well as India, Uganda and Netherlands, which funded by APFNet, WB, IUCN-NL, GTZ, DFID, UNU, Ford Foundation, Oxfam Hong Kongand so on.

Extensive experience in cross-cultural, cross-border programme involving trans-boundary resources management, nature conservation and environment protection.

Publications and Monographs

More than 50 papers have published by International and domestic academic journals and several of papers which were peer-reviewed, 3 books were also published as co-author in Chinese.

Achievements and Awards

Honors of scientific and technological leading expert awarded by Yunnan Provincial Government since 2005.

Yunnan Provincial Top Ten outstanding Youth People Award on Science and technology in 1998, China.

Scientific and technological Award for Poverty Alleviation in 1995, State Committee of Science and technology and Hong Kong Scholar Society.

Others, such as several Advancement Scientific and Technological Awards of Provincial Government.

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